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Cynthia Barker began her personal training and bodybuilding career over 30 years ago. In that time, she skyrocketed to success in the health & fitness world. Cynthia quickly rose to prominence in becoming a National Bodybuilding Champion and gaining instant recognition as a fitness expert and spokesperson. Cynthia has been featured on national television, radio, and cover stories in various health and fitness magazines.  

Cynthia made a graceful transition from a competitor to a professional fitness trainer and nutrition consultant and is certified with NSCA and ISSA. Throughout her career she has trained high-profile fitness enthusiasts, pageant winners, executives of major corporations and entertainers

Fitness Accomplishments

  • 1996 Twin Lab AAU Ms. America Bodybuilding Overall Champion. 
  • 1994 & 1995 Twin Lab Team Universe Bodybuilding Champion - 3rd Place & 5th Place.
  • 1994 Schwinn NPC Natural Illinois Bodybuilding Champion- 1st Place.
  • 1990 NPC Illinois Bodybuilding Champion - 1st Place.
  • Former Fitness Model. 


Cynthia is a Certified Personal Fitness Trainer with  National Strength and Conditioning Association (NSCA) &  International Sports Sciences Association (ISSA).